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NCSDIA Receives Top Marks from DWC

On November 3, 2020 the Department of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) Audit Unit and Enforcement Unit posted their 2019 Annual Report and the 2019 Profile Audit Review (PAR) Audit Ranking Report.    This audit is conducted to ensure insurance companies, self-insured employer and third-party administrators met their obligations under the Labor Code and the California Code of Regulations. The areas of focus of this report include:

·         Adequate indemnification owed to claimant

·         Timely initial and subsequent indemnity payments made to claimant and on behalf of claimant

·         Notice provisions made in compliance with any milestone requirements

·         Accuracy of all information provided

Each year, the DWC re-evaluates the PAR standard based on the results from the previous 3 years. PAR Standards have been trending downwards, meaning the Audit is becoming stricter year over year. In 2018, individual results were rated against a score of 1.47573, while in 2019 the score was reduced to 1.36133.

The DWC Audit and Enforcement Unit completed forty audits in 2019.  Northern California Special District Insurance Authority (NCSDIA) was one of forty companies audited in the 2019 calendar year and we are pleased to announce our audit score of .55529, which is well under the 2019 PAR Standard of 1.36133.  This audit score places NCSDIA in the top performing companies in the industry, ranking 2nd out of all audited entities.  Additionally, the State found no administrative penalties of claims handling violation. Please click here to see the full 2019 PAR Audit Report.

NCSDIA worked hard to achieve these results and we are proud to share them with you today. Special recognition is due to our staff including Tricia Alderman, Melinda Robinson, and Desiree Lewis. We will continue to strive to provide the best claims handling service possible and look forward to continuing to meet and exceed PAR Standards for years to come.